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Tipping the Odds Las Vegas

Thanks for checking out our podcast.  We have been going to Las Vegas for over 20 years and have accumulated a lot of pictures, stories and adventures that we discuss on the show.






Oct 25, 2020

On today's episode we discuss Vegas and Covid news, thanks

Oct 11, 2020

On this episode I fix my Microphone after the first 45 seconds, and its also funny and informative.,...

Sep 20, 2020

Hi, today it's Mitch and Doug at @epicesquire, on today's short episode we discuss Vegas news and regret Dr. Kev not being able to join us....Oh Yeah

Sep 13, 2020

Hi on today's episode we discuss Vegas News and go on to discuss the Covid Vaccine progress

Aug 2, 2020

Hi, we discuss Covid and Vegas on today's episode and at approx minute 30 I interview Wayne Clingman, an author w/ many books including the Mr Big Talks series on how to play various table games as well as The Life and Times of Frank Balistrieri: The Last, Most Powerful Godfather of Milwaukee.

Video,  Amazon link and...