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Tipping the Odds Las Vegas

Thanks for checking out our podcast.  We have been going to Las Vegas for over 20 years and have accumulated a lot of pictures, stories and adventures that we discuss on the show.






Jul 29, 2018

This episode consists of the guys from Vegas Confessions interviewing us,   Thanks so much: Eric, Julian as well as Vito from Cousin Vito's


Jul 22, 2018

On today's pretty funny show we provide the gift of joyous laughter. We also talk about Vegas as well as our upcoming Oceans 14 AC trip


Jul 15, 2018

On today's OK episode we do our usual thing, with a little less zing then our previous episodes.


Jul 8, 2018

On today's episode we interview Doug @epicesquire at approx min 23  and lots of other good stuff


Jul 1, 2018

On today's episode we discuss my cruise,  Kevin's Views, a particular boss in DC and eventually bring up Vegas    Next week we are interviewing Doug @EpicEsquire and will discuss our Oceans 14 AC trip


Betty in the Sky...