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Tipping the Odds Las Vegas

Thanks for checking out our podcast.  We have been going to Las Vegas for over 20 years and have accumulated a lot of pictures, stories and adventures that we discuss on the show.






Jul 25, 2015

On todays episode we discuss:

Ceasar's Las Vegas bankruptacy?

Another record month for Mccarran airport

Mitch and Dr Kev's book is out  Casino Blackjack for the Recreational Player: for kindle

Dr. Kev is going to Las Vegas tommorrow


and much much more


Jul 18, 2015

On today's free wheeling, note free episode we discuss:

  • New Vegas Theater
  • Fire on CA highway leading to Vegas
  • Uber news for Las Vegas
  • The new Five Hundy book coming out
  • A little talk about our future trip to Vegas
  • Some non-Vegas material

and much more



Jul 11, 2015

On todays episode we discuss:

Reno/MGM News

Great Bob Dancer article (see link below)

Our future trip to Las Vegas

Also we are using a new microphone, so hopefully the sound quality will be better, though I cannot promise anything about the joke quality.


Bob Dancer Link

Handball pic

Jul 3, 2015

On todays episode we discuss:

  • Pedestrian bridge improvements
  • Mitch and Dr. Kev's future trip
  • Cosmo bar closing
  • Tribal casino issues

and much much more