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Tipping the Odds Las Vegas

Thanks for checking out our podcast.  We have been going to Las Vegas for over 20 years and have accumulated a lot of pictures, stories and adventures that we discuss on the show.






Oct 30, 2016

On todays extra funny episode we discuss:

  • New Vegas Resturants 
  • Our upcoming Vegas Trip
  • How Great the Cosmo is
  • Jules at Top Buffet Youtube Chanel 

and much more


Jules at Top Buffet

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Oct 23, 2016

On today's episode we discuss:

  • Vegas news
  • Our plans for our next Vegas Trip
  • New TV shows/Movies

and much more


Oct 16, 2016

On today's episode we discuss:

  • Vegas News
  • Vegas Happenings
  • Politics

and much more


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Oct 9, 2016

On today's fun filled episode we discuss:

  • Sheldon Adelson made the Forbes 400
  • Fish and Chips vs Shrimp and Fish and Chips
  • Sorry, a little Trump


and much more



Oct 2, 2016

On todays episode we interview Micheal Thomas (not his real name) an advantage player.  He will give us his thoughts on maximizing comps and more. Also:

  • Evil Knievel pizza 
  • Linq Fish and Chips
  • General Gambling news

and much more