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Tipping the Odds Las Vegas

Thanks for checking out our podcast.  We have been going to Las Vegas for over 20 years and have accumulated a lot of pictures, stories and adventures that we discuss on the show.






Dec 26, 2014

On today's episode we discuss:

  • Record setting vegas visitors
  • Donnie and Marie news
  • The best games to play in Las Vegas
  • Mitch discusses his health

and Much more

Dec 21, 2014

On todays episode we play our interview with author and creator of the SyFy  Network show Wizard Wars Rick Lax

and also:

  • Vegas Visitation Hits the 40 Million Mark
  • Caesars Filing for Bankruptcy
  • Cosmo Sale OK'd
  • Cab Fare Hike Comes Into Effect


Dec 14, 2014

thanks for listening on todays episode today we discuss

  • Our current trip
  • Mitch complains about expensive resturants
  • reviews of Palms, Cosmo and more
  • We go over our interview w/ Rick Lax, which we will play next week.

Dec 7, 2014

On today's episode we discuss Vegas news as well as the Trippie nominations

  • Dr. Kev's good customer service experience
  • Vegas News
  • Our opinions on the Trippies

Vote here

Nov 30, 2014

On todays episode we discuss:

  • New Vegas books by Huntington Press
  • New Vegas Construction
  • Jeff Dunham starts residency in Las Vegas
  • Uber leaves Las vegas

and much much more