On todays show we discuss:

  • Second Term for Mayor Goodman
  • Las Vegas Strip Club Update
  • Online Gambling Estimates Cut
  • And Mitch’s upcoming cruise





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On today's hour of comedic power Dr. Kev brings up a heartbreaking trip he took to Europe,  due to confusioin w/ the Euro vs Dollar exchange rate he accidently tipped a waiter 15%,  Also we discuss:

Absynth moving to Cosmo (apperantly Mitch is the only person in the world who isn't impressed,  he thinks it should be call Abs-MEH)

Even more news from AC

And as you can expect from a Las Vegas podcast plenty of cruise ship talk, weird PG rated ideas from Mitch and plenty of Shecky Greene style one liners

ALSO:  Next weekend Mitch wont be there so we will play a brand new interview w/ Frank Scoblete as well as another edition of Dr. Kev's Finding an Edge with Thoroughbred Handicapping.








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On today's special Friday edition Mitch and Dr. Kev discuss:

New Westgate Hotel/Casino

Mitch's experiences on Cruise Ship Casino

Even more bad news for Atlantic City

and Much Much More


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This is the third special handicapping show w/ Dr. Kev

Please contact us w/ any questions, thanks


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on Todays episode we make up for last weeks lack of episode by discussing:

  • why no episode last week
  • More Atlantic City news
  • Mitch's plans to eventually go back to Las Vegas
  • Are ariplane chairs getting smaller or is Mitch getting bigger?

and Much more


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on todays episode Dr. Kev gives some resources to help your handicapping including authors and websites:


Book Authors

·         Dick Mitchell

·         Mark Cramer

·         James Quinn

·         Tom Brohamer

·         Barry Meadow

·         Andrew Beyer

·         Bill Quirin

·         Steve Davidowitz

·         Bill Quirin

·         Brad Free

·         Len Ragozin

·         Bob Pitlak

·         John Lindley

·         Thomas Wilson

·         Steve Crist

·         Prentice Mannetter

·         Bill Peters

·         Scatoni/Fornatale

·         Richard Munchkin


Web Sites

·         MarkCramerCX.Blogspot.com (Mark Cramer)

·         AltiplanoPublications.com (Mark Cramer)

·         EdBain.com (Ed Bain & Susan Sweeney)

·         HorseData.com (Jim Cramer)

·         HTR2.com (Ken Massa)

·         JCapper.com (Jeff Platt)

·         NetCapper.com (Gordon Pine)


·         TheSheets.com (Len Ragozin)

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On todays note-free show we discuss:

  • More Ceasars's news
  • More Atlantic City news
  • More of Mitch's views
  • Dr. Kev's upcoming trip

and much much more


Dr. Kev will also produce another special horseracing show for uploading this weekend, thanks for all of the emails etc

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This is a special thoroughbred handicapping show w/ Dr. Kev.  He discusses handicapping

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On this special 150th episode Mitch and Dr. Kev discuss:

  • Las Vegas vistorship numbers
  • Craps, how to play and what to say
  • Las Vegas Sands cyber attacked by Iran
  • Even more Atlantic City news
  • New rules for Strip Clubs


we will download a new podcast today with just Dr. Kev discussing handicapping


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