Pre-Vegas Podcast:  Mitch and Dr. Kev are going to Las Vegas tomorrow, join us in discussing: Foursquare’s Las Vegas ratings:  Listen to Mitch pretend he is too cool to use Foursquare, when the truth is he isn’t cool enough. Pawn Star News:  Still producing 22 minutes of  entertainment a week, sounds like Mitch’s hour long […]
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Wacky free wheeling episode: On today’s episode Mitch and Dr. Kev threw away the script and try to be funny, actually we succeeded, (or did we?)  You be the judge.  Please check out our website and leave a response, check out our older episodes and look at our pix and videos.

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Hilarious combo of Las Vegas news and wise cracks.  On todays episode we discuss: Atlantic City casino sale: everything must go! Pawn Stars visits the Shoezeum:  Shoe fetishists beware, these are all Nike gym shoes (unless that is what you are into) SLS raised enough money to re-build the Sahara:  someone had 400 million laying around?  Binions […]

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Mitch is by himself on this shortened episode:  fair warning.
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MITCH’S BACK!:  Mitch’s back is acting up, give the old guy a break, on today’s episode we discuss: The Superbowl:  Lots of Vegas gambling going on, Mitch gambled on a shot of absinthe at a party and won, smooth. Binions hotel plans:  Hoping for an economic recovery before 2023. Mitch and Dr. Kev’s upcoming Vegas trip:  Dr. Kev […]
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Wacky Vegas TV shows:  On today’s episode we discuss: Vegas Reality show: Mystery Diners:  The real mystery is when Mitch will get back to Vegas, his reality is that he can’t get the time off from work. Skyvue Ferris Wheel: Lots of talk and little $$, sounds like Mitch’s last review at work. Caesars Pulse of Vegas Blog: […]

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We talk about our upcoming trip to Vegas, also we discuss: Possible internet gambling:  At work its a gamble that my boss will review my internet history. The Maloof brothers:  Selling the Kings basketball team for 525 million:  that can’t be right, do they mean 525 thousand? Shrek the Musical at the Smith Center in […]
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We review the Trippies!!  On  todays episode we: Discuss ‘s Trippie’s.  The Trippies describe the best and worst of Las Vegas  per the folks at Vegas Tripping website.
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Vegas Vegas Vegas: Mitch and Dr. Kev discuss: Celebrity sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa’s hotel within Caesar’s Palace is opening:  Celebrity smart ass Mitch questions how a sushi chef can afford a hotel, no one cares. We discuss the Las Vegas Advisor coupon book:  Dr. Kev believes in astrology more than he believes in paying retail. Las Vegas Visitor […]
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On this informative podcast we discuss: Treasure island treasure hunt:  They drained the Treasure Island lagoon, what did they find? Hooters is getting a face lift:  Their face lift is up here? The Golden Nugget is adding Rush Tower Gold Club rooms:  Going downtown, downtown? Aria’s condo’s selling out? :  Mitch and Dr. Kev want […]
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