This is the third special handicapping show w/ Dr. Kev

Please contact us w/ any questions, thanks

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on todays episode Dr. Kev gives some resources to help your handicapping including authors and websites:


Book Authors

·         Dick Mitchell

·         Mark Cramer

·         James Quinn

·         Tom Brohamer

·         Barry Meadow

·         Andrew Beyer

·         Bill Quirin

·         Steve Davidowitz

·         Bill Quirin

·         Brad Free

·         Len Ragozin

·         Bob Pitlak

·         John Lindley

·         Thomas Wilson

·         Steve Crist

·         Prentice Mannetter

·         Bill Peters

·         Scatoni/Fornatale

·         Richard Munchkin


Web Sites

· (Mark Cramer)

· (Mark Cramer)

· (Ed Bain & Susan Sweeney)

· (Jim Cramer)

· (Ken Massa)

· (Jeff Platt)

· (Gordon Pine)


· (Len Ragozin)

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This is a special thoroughbred handicapping show w/ Dr. Kev.  He discusses handicapping

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Hi, we had to turn my facebook page into a "business" page, its different,  I am not sure if messanger etc works the same way, I am at

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Our word press blog is no longer up, it should not effect anything related to the podcast hopefully

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On this episode we start a new feature "guess their net worth where we guess various Las Vegas celebrities net worth"


LVA coupon book is out

Caesars bankruptcy

and lots more

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On today's episode we discuss:

  • Record setting vegas visitors
  • Donnie and Marie news
  • The best games to play in Las Vegas
  • Mitch discusses his health

and Much more

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On todays episode we play our interview with author and creator of the SyFy  Network show Wizard Wars Rick Lax

and also:

  • Vegas Visitation Hits the 40 Million Mark
  • Caesars Filing for Bankruptcy
  • Cosmo Sale OK'd
  • Cab Fare Hike Comes Into Effect

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thanks for listening on todays episode today we discuss

  • Our current trip
  • Mitch complains about expensive resturants
  • reviews of Palms, Cosmo and more
  • We go over our interview w/ Rick Lax, which we will play next week.

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On today's episode we discuss Vegas news as well as the Trippie nominations

  • Dr. Kev's good customer service experience
  • Vegas News
  • Our opinions on the Trippies

Vote here

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