Sorry, this episode is via phone and its sound quality is pretty bad.  Going forward we will work on that



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hi, on todays episode we discuss:

  • Monorail issues
  • MGM discussion
  • Uber in Vegas
  • Vegas Podcasters not remembering what episode what about

and much more

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On today's episode we discuss:

  • Sale of Fontainebleau
  • Ceasar's financial condition
  • Billy Idol residency
  • a lot of non-Vegas issues

and much much more

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On today's free wheeling episode we discuss:

  • Las Vegas resturant news
  • MGM REIT news  
  • More jokes than usual

and much more

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On today's episode we discuss:

  • Fantasy football issues
  • Elton John 
  • Various Vegas news

and much more

Latest Media Bias w/ Vegas Mitch podcast

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On todays free wheeling "wacky" episode we discuss

  • Bob Dancers new Video Poker column
  • Gary Loveman's new job
  • New Pete Rose Resturant
  • Advantage play

and much much more


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Hi, this is a Mitch Solo episode of the podcast, I apologize in advance


Stevie Wonder



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On todays episode we discuss:

  • Cosmo makes a profit again this quarter 
  • Mirage for sale?  some analysts think so
  • Santana concert contest, winner gets to see him?
  • Lionel Richie residency 

and much much more

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Hi on todays episode we have a special interview with Dr. Kev's friend Ken, who worked on strip for 12 years, he has a lot of great stories also


  • Britney Spears re-newed
  • Kevins next trip
  • VIMFP 
  • Neon Vacation .com

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On todays episode we discuss:

  • Recording of a Britany Spears review from listener Mac at The World of Vegas (check him out at twitter below)
  • Uber coming, causing traffic jam already
  • Houses flying off the shelf for Las Vegas
  • New X-Rated video convention coming (so to speak)
  • We have new phone number, call and leave a message if you want to compliment Mitch or criticize Dr. Kev (we may use your recording, so tell us if you dont want us too)   702-516-3117

Casino Blackjack for the Recreational Player: A Guide to Playing for Fun and Casino Comps

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